We offer a wide variety of entertainment
for your show, party or corporate event.

Our girls specialize in a range of vintage sub-genres including…

The Roaring 20’s • The Moulin Rouge • Prohibition Speakeasy • The Charleston
Flappers • The Cotton Club • Great Gatsby • Josephine Baker
Vintage Showgirl • 1920’s Paris • 1930’s Gangsters • 1940’s Big Band Swing
Belly Dance • Chair Dancing • Circus • Fan Dancing • MCing • Singing
Starlets of the Silver Screen • Busby Berkeley • Vintage Hollywood
Bathing Beauties • The Andrews Sisters • USO Shows • Classic Hollywood Glamour
Viva Las Vegas! • Pin-up Girls & Burlesque  … and more!



Starlets, Harlots & Dames is a San Francisco-based production company that produces cabaret shows, entertainment, classes and several dance companies including the Sweet 16, The Harlem Coquettes and the Vixen Variety. We offer entertainment to private parties, corporate events and festivals where the dark arts of dance, theater and cabaret can be summoned.

We pride ourselves on our dedication to vintage and historical dance forms including swing, charleston, shag, vernacular jazz, shag, blues, black bottom and balboa. Modern interpretations of historical styles utilized in burlesque, circus and cabaret dance-theater also fall under the creative scope of the group.

As artists, dancers and choreographers, we seek to preserve and share these historical dance styles for new and modern audiences. Starlets, Harlots & Dames is comprised of many talented dancers, performers and musicians from the lindy hop community as well as burlesque, circus and the wider dance community. We take pride in bringing together different arts community who have shared interests in entertainment from the1920’s through the 1960’s.


Starlets, Harlots & Dames is headed up by world-traveling lindy hopper,
choreographer, show producer, graphic designer, party animal, friend of the forest
and all-round-rad-person, Gaby Cook. Learn more about her exploits here