Our story starts out very simple

Just a bunch of swing dancin’ ladies who wanted to perform,
choreograph and make their own sparkly costumes.

Sister Great

In Seattle, way far away from San Francisco, there was a fabulous troupe called Sister Kate. Started in 2005, this troupe was started by a dancers from the local lindy hop community who wanted to perform at events for their friends. They bought costumes, they started working on choreography, and over time they amassed piece after piece, until they built a name for themselves that was recognized by the wider swing dance community.

Through the audition process, they had many generations of dancers — and gradually the new generation began reach beyond the lindy hop community. The repertoire started to push into the realm of cabaret, burlesque and dance-theater. With the faith of the team, they began to create entire shows, network with different performers and craft a vision of their team that would allow for plenty of creative freedom and fun performance opportunities.

I came from that team to start a new one in San Francisco. With the excitement of an established, growing and enthusiastic scene, The Sweet 16, The Harlem Coquettes and the Vixen Variety promise to be the biggest and most exciting endeavor of my career. Its a team that I hope will spark creativity, camaraderie, community and a lot of fun.



See? Fun.

Here are a few fun routines we performed over the years